Alex Learns to Fuck His GF - Cameron Canela, Haven Rae

Time: 00:26:43 | Size: 2330 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Cast: Cameron Canela, Haven Rae
Tags: All Sex, Deepthroat, Big Dick, Couples Fantasies, Sex, Threesome, FFM, Blowjob (Double), Spanking

Cameron overhears her roomie Alex disappointing his GF Haven in bed, and steps in to rescue her! After she offers some tips on pussy eating and penetration, the horny couple invite her to join them in a hot MFF threesome!


Tune Up, Turn On

Time: 00:26:35 | Size: 1165 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Cast: Haley Reed
Tags: Outie Pussy, Blonde, Black, Shaved Head, Big Dick, Bathroom, Shower, Sex, Masturbation, Wet, Deep Throat, Gagging, Face Fuck, Spanking, Tattoo, Tattoo, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Athletic, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Muscular, Tank Top, Booty Shorts, Indoors, Interracial, Caucasian, Medium Skin, Doggystyle (Lying), Jean Shorts, Side Fuck, Voyeur, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Small Ass, Trimmed Pussy

Haley Reed might be a kinky little voyeur, but at least she's organized! When her 9 o'clock alarm goes off, the blonde spinner bounces into action, tiptoeing into Nat Turner's condo for a morning spying session. You see, Haley has an insatiable crush on the black stud, and loves to play with her little pink pussy while watching him shower. But today, she's about to get caught! Now, some men would be turned-off by Haley's pervy antics, but not Nat Turner. Seeing the desire in her bright blue eyes, Nat invites her back to bed for an interracial playtime. As Haley takes a hot ride on Nat's BBC, she can't believe her naughtiness is being rewarded with the roughest, most orgasmic fuck of her life!


There For You

Time: 00:38:23 | Size: 1677 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Cast: Valentina Nappi
Tags: Brunette, Black, Big Dick, Couples Fantasies, Blowjob (POV), Interracial, Big Tits, Big Tits Worship, Natural Tits, Girlfriend, Couples, Bubble Butt, Big Dick Worship

When Stallion came home to find his girlfriend Valentina Nappi baking in the kitchen, he just couldn't wait for her to finish and went in for the kiss. Without thinking, Valentina put her hands on his chest and dusted the front of his black shirt with flour. Valentina had to get him out of that shirt, but before she could unbutton him, Stallion pulled her apron off and put his mouth on her nipples. Right there in the kitchen, Valentina got on her knees and unzipped Stallion's pants, admiring his big black cock in wide-eyed wonder before she began to suck him off. After working Stallion to a horny froth with dick worship, Valentina bent over the counter to take him from behind, and moaned with pleasure at every powerful thrust!


The Other Side of the Whore

Time: 00:24:15 | Size: 2105 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Cast: Allie Haze & Preston Parker
Tags: Anal, Blowjob (POV), Brunette, Cheating, Couples Fantasies, Handjob (POV), Missionary (POV), Natural Tits, Reverse Cowgirl (POV)

On the surface, Allie seems like a lovely housewife who is loyal to her adoring husband. But underneath her apron, her pussy is dripping wet at the idea of busting out of her shell and letting loose—by letting her next door neighbor fuck her in the ass! What Allie’s husband doesn’t know about her is that there’s a complete other side to this whore!


Taking Care Of Business

Time: 00:28:17 | Size: 1103 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Cast: Gina Valentina
Tags: Outie Pussy, Blonde, Black, Shaved Head, Big Dick, Sex, Deep Throat, Gagging, Facial, Tattoo, Tattoo, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Petite, Blowjob, Muscular, T-Shirt, Booty Shorts, Teen, Indoors, Cumshot Clean-Up, Thong, Businessman, Latina, Interracial, Medium Skin, Jean Shorts, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Lingerie, Small Ass, Bald Pussy

Gina Valentina has never felt the sinful pleasure of a big black cock between her thighs. When her businessman father brings home his big burly colleague Flash, the tiny teen's interracial fantasies come bubbling to the surface, and she decides to make a naughty proposition. Once her father leaves the room, Gina bounces in to introduce herself and to confess her lusty fantasies to the muscular hunk. One glance at this nympho's peachy ass popping out from her daisy dukes and Flash is sold on the idea of a tryst, even if getting caught means wrecking a lucrative business deal with her dad. Flash's big dick is just as amazing as Gina thought it would be. The sexy spinner takes him into her mouth for a super sloppy blowjob then climbs onto the couch to show off her superior dick-riding skills, hoping they can both cum before her father returns from his phone call.


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