Phone Sex

Time: 00:10:53 | Size: 594 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Big Tits
Cast: Victoria R.

Beautiful Victoria is one of those girls who set girls and boys on fire with a blink of her eyes. She is what you could call "always open...", but in a super charming way. One the things she gets turned on by is phone sex. She has some friends (girls and boys!!!) who are exactly the same and who love this sex game too. We asked her if she would call one of her friends and if it was ok to film her while she does. To make a long sory short - it was very ok! See the video and let yourself experience how it feels to be on the other side of the line but this time including watching her at the same time! One word says it all: Amazing!



Time: 00:07:57 | Size: 426 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Toys
Cast: Defrancesca

The only thing better than watching beautiful woman take a shower is what DeFrancesca does when she is done -and she doesn't waste any time either. Right after she turns the faucet off, she grabs the nearest toy and begins turning herself on. But that's not enough for her, so she lathers up again and uses the shower head... and her fingers... as the toy. This girl certainly knows how to please herself, and we are blessed to be able to capture it for you. So sit back, relax, and watch the sultry and sexy Defrancesca do what she does best.... : )


Open Fire

Time: 00:12:26 | Size: 691 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Big Tits
Cast: Lily L.

One of the things the beautiful and sexy Lily likes to do when she is alone is light a fire... in several places... and relax. Sure, she'd rather relax with someone, but thankfully, she is quite happy, and capable, of doing it herself. She knows what she likes, and what gets her hot and wastes no time getting to it. She's also very good at it. And there's something about the heat from the fireplace that really gets her going. After warming up her beautiful pussy with both hands, she eventually moves over to the fireplace to get really warm... and hot. It's a beautiful sight to see, and based on her reactions, a wonderful thing to experience.



Time: 00:09:06 | Size: 497 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Toys
Cast: Lara

Little blonde Lara enters a bare room with just a bench, contemplating her obsessions. She's thinking of the things she loves to do - and yes, she'd admit, is obsessed with - like touching herself, being naked in public, and anything involving whipping cream. She closes her eyes and imagines the many things to done, perhaps combining her fantasies? Inviting people to put whipping cream on her right now? She'd gladly lick it up or have them like it up. She becomes completely consumed touching herself and imagining the many creative, erotic, physical joys there are in life. Her perfect body vibrates with health and pure sensuality as she indulges in her fantasy.


New Experience

Time: 00:08:37 | Size: 472 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Big Tits, Toys
Cast: Ariel

When we arrive at Ariel's place she greets us with a very interesting looking string with two balls held lightly in her hand. She asks in her sweetly purring voice, "Can we try something new today?" We say, "Yes, please!" So she lays down on her white bed with the yellow walls surrounding her and proceeds to try something new. Her fiery red hair splays out on the bed behind her and she tries all sorts of things with her manicured hands moving the balls in and out of her. Ariel's body undulates with the pleasure and ecstasy of this new experience - you'll be able to tell how much she loves it!


Naughty Teen

Time: 00:11:26 | Size: 633 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Teens
Cast: Alexis B.

Super sexy Alexis B. is young and horny, and she loves it. All she can think about is exploring her body and experiencing as much pleasure as she can and jumps at any opportunity to do so. Today, she is by herself... no problem... she loves how her sweet pussy feels... and using her own hands to bring herself to sensual heights of pleasure. She likes going slow, letting her pussy get wetter and wetter, so she can go deeper and deeper. Sometimes she imagines it's someone else touching her, but mostly, it feels so good that she gets lost in the pleasure, which only makes her want it more.


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