Introducing Mila

Time: 00:11:38 | Size: 641 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Teen
Cast: Mila K.

Gorgeous Mila has some extra time on her hands... and decided to spend them with herself. Luckily, she knows her body well and enjoys giving it pleasure. She likes caressing herself... getting her body warm and ready for what's to come. As she pulls off her dress, she is already half way there as her hand gently teases her beautiful wet pussy. But she waits until her dress is completely off to really get started, at which point, her gentle hand finds it's way there and stays until she is satisfied. Thankfully, it doesn't take much as her pussy is very sensitive. All it needs is a little attention to feel wonderful.. and wonderful is exactly how she feels.


Intimate Friend

Time: 00:09:01 | Size: 494 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Russian Girls, Masturbation, Big Tits, Teens, Toys
Cast: Ariel

It's always nice to have an intimate friend. It's especially nice when that "friend" can give you so much pleasure. Beautiful, sexy Ariel has just such a friend and she uses it when she feels like having such pleasure, which, thankfully, is often. : ) In this video, she wastes no time reaching for her friend, and starts feeling that pleasure right away. Thankfully, she is easily aroused as she moves and moans with ecstasy. It's so hot watching her enjoy her friend in this way. The only thing better would be to be that friend. but until then, we can still enjoy her pleasuring herself. and we hope that you do.



Time: 00:10:36 | Size: 577 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Russian Girls, Masturbation, Toys, Oral, Teens
Cast: Shyla

While discussing what we were going to do for this shoot, Shyla got really exited and kept touching herself. We kept saying "Relax, you'll have plenty of time for that..." and then we realized, "What are we saying? Let's roll!" : ) Shyla started before us so we had to scramble to keep up. Before we knew it, she had grabbed her toy and had it inside her in no time. It was so hot, we had trouble containing ourselves. She was so exited... it was as if she hadn't touched herself in a while. Whatever the reason, we are glad we could capture it for you.


Hot Toy

Time: 00:08:20 | Size: 456 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Russian Girls, Masturbation, Toys, Oral, Teens
Cast: Candy B.

Candy sure is sweet. the model that is. and in this very sexy and sultry video, she takes her sweet time. Once she gets going through, she turns from sweet to hot. the sexy kind of hot. She uses her special toy to great affect, in several positions. always searching for the most pleasure possible.. and she definitely succeeds. But we won't ruin it for you. you'll just have come in and see it for yourself. It's quite a treat. A sweet, and sexy treat.


Hot Shower

Time: 00:09:44 | Size: 531 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Lesbian, Russian Girls, Pussy Licking, Masturbation, Big Tits, Oral, Teens
Cast: Kari and Simona

There are few things better than watching two beautiful women pleasing each other... and Kari and Simona are no exception. These two beauties are soft and sensuous and in no rush to be anywhere than right here - with each other. They start off slow, gently touching and caressing each other, until the water works start... making both of them even wetter than when they started.


Hot Fingers

Time: 00:12:13 | Size: 673 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Russian Girls, Masturbation, Teens
Cast: Rihanna

Rihanna has no problem being alone with herself, and when that happens, she likes to have fun... with herself. She really likes her body and knows what feels good to her - and is very good at doing those things. :) She starts slow with her panties on, getting herself moist and ready for what's about to happen. She then spends her time gently caressing her unbelievably sweet, tight pussy until she can't stand it any more and needs to turn things up a bit. The result, as you can imagine, is wonderful. We won't spoil it for you, but let's just say this gal has really hot fingers, and she knows how to use them for very pleasurable results.


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