Merry Christmas

Time: 00:07:35 | Size: 414 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Teens
Cast: Shyla G.

Merry Christmas indeed! Who wouldn't want to find the adorable and sexy Shyla under their tree in the morning? Or in their stocking the night before?! : ) Such a cutie with such a supple and sexy body, Shyla is is indeed the perfect gift for the holidays, or any day for that matter! What she does with that candycane is enough to drive anyone crazy, but it's what she does after that that really makes it a holiday as she rubs her sweet little pussy until she cums.


Massaging Beauties

Time: 00:12:18 | Size: 679 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Lesbian, Pussy Licking, Masturbation, Big Tits
Cast: Aleska D. and Tiffany F.

Everyone loves a massage - they're relaxing and very satisfying... and Tiffany is about to get one of the most satisfying massages of her life. After the standard rub down, she goes down on Tiffany and pays some special attention to her lovely pussy. Aleska loves making people feel good - and feeling good herself. Thankfully, Tiffany is the same and after receiving a bit of special attention, she returns the favor and gives Aleska a bit of special attention as well. Both of these super sexy gals have such beautiful pussies and they each enjoy the others as much as possible. It's certainly a happy ending for Tiffany, and Aleska too, as she is the one giving it to her. If you want to see what a really good massage looks like, come on in and see for yourself.


Making me Cum

Time: 00:11:03 | Size: 484 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Russian Girls, Masturbation, Toys, Teen
Cast: Lara

When you're as beautiful and sexy as Lara is, it's not hard to find someone willing to please you. But Lara is not satisfied with just anyone and needs a special kind of person to satisfy her needs... and she is not shy about sharing what she likes and what makes her feel especially good. She starts off slowly, as always, with her hands, gently caressing herself... making herself wet and ready for what's about to come next... her favorite toy... and she is more than happy to show you how she likes to use it so that you can do the same. Each position brings different feelings levels of pleasure and Lara likes to experience them all. She never knows what will make her cum, but she is always interested in finding out.


Love Kitchen

Time: 00:12:42 | Size: 695 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Lesbian, Pussy Licking, Masturbation, Big Tits, Teens
Cast: Holly M. and Taylor V.

What starts off as "innocent" fun in the kitchen quickly turns into a sexy afternoon with these two gorgeous brunettes. Holly and Taylor both love having fun and they have no trouble having fun with each other. All they needed was a wet t-shirt to get things started and the rest is. well, this wonderful film. :) These gals love to lick each other's pussies. and then some. They really like each other, and have no problem putting their feelings into action. And action is what they do best. as you will see for yourself. Things get pretty hot in this Love Kitchen. and they didn't even need the stove.


Look at Me

Time: 00:10:48 | Size: 473 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Teen
Cast: Mila Blaze

Beautiful, sexy Mila is at home by herself today and feeling pretty frisky. Mila loves to be looked at - especially when she is naked... and feeling frisky. :) As she strips, she thinks about what you'd like to do with her. She thinks about your hands on her soft creamy skin... touching her supple breasts and... when her own hand starts caressing her sweet and lovely pussy, she is imagining it is your hand... and she likes it. She likes it so much that she forgets it's her hand and lets herself be taken away by the pleasure and thought of you touching her. Her imagination has always served her well - especially when it comes to pleasure.


Little Miss Morning

Time: 00:09:04 | Size: 498 MB | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920x1080
Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Big Tits, Toys
Cast: Miela

Miela likes to have a little fun in the morning, and while she's waiting for her laundry to be done, she figures she has just enough time to do that. And she doesn't waste any time either. She grabs her favorite toy and gets started right away. She must have woken up exited because it doesn't take long for her sweet pussy to get very wet. All she needs is the right position and her morning ritual will be complete. Just a little more. just a little more. that's it. she finds the spot and. well, we'll let you see it for you yourself.


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